H.E.A.T. – Tearing Down the Walls

HEAT - Tearing Down The WallsI might have pointed this out in another review, but it really has to be said anyway. I was never a huge H.E.A.T. fan – in fact, I was never a fan of this band at all. There was a pretty big buzz when this lot released their self titled debut back in 2008 and when it came to AOR and melodic, H.E.A.T. were the talk of the town for a while. Sure, their debut is a well made AOR album with a slick, smooth and professional production and a bunch of musicians of the finest kind. I know that there will be many that will beg to differ about this, but to me there was something missing. What was missing were the songs that knocked me of my rocker. Not that the songs were bad, nope, but they just were and nothing else and I can’t for my life remember even one melody to this day. The follow up, Freedom Rock (2010) was rockier and in my opinion a better album. I know that their second album is looked upon as their worst, but I disagree. But just when H.E.A.T. had become a household name, at least in Sweden, with their Eurovision Song Contest hit single “1000 Miles”, lead singer and frontman Kenny Leckremo decided to jump the ship and Bang! – there was the band, on the verge of their big break but without their so important lead singer. What to do then? Well, no biggie, folks, let’s just hire the winner of Swedish Idol, Erik Grönwall. How’s that for credibility, peeps? A smart move as Erik had become really popular and beloved by the people of Sweden.

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