Asia – Gravitas

Asia - GravitasWhen Asia formed in the early 80’s, they were looked upon as a supergroup, rightfully so. John Wetton (bass, lead vocals – King Crimson, Uriah Heep), Steve Howe (guitars – Yes), Geoff Downes (keyboards – Yes, The Buggles) and Carl Palmer (drums – Emerson Lake & Palmer) scored a multi million seller with their self titled debut from 1982 and the mega hit “Heat Of The Moment”, but after the way more commercial and poppy Alpha (1983) failed to match guitar player Steve Howe’s musical expectations, he found it best to leave the band an concentrate on his new (and to be short-lived) project GTR with ex – Genesis guitar player Steve Hackett. After that Asia became an unemployment agency for musicians, with multiple line up changes with every album. The fact the original members weren’t the best of friends – in the end only Geoff Downes was an original member of the band – made it a bit of an eyebrow raiser when the band decided to reunite in 2008 and released a surprisingly good reunion album in Phoenix.

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