Laney’s Legion – Laney’s Legion

LANEY'S LEGION COVERApril 22. Remember that date. Because that’s the date when – if you’re a fan of melodic hard rock – you’ll be running out or logging on to your favourite record website (or iTunes if you like to pay for lame mp3’s) and buy the debut album from Sweden’s Laney’s Legion. But ok, I’m ahead of myself here. My calendar says April 2014, but when I look back on all the albums I have reviewed so far this year, it could might as well have said October 2014, because I can’t remember when a year had started out so brilliant musically. I have already handed out one 10/10 review, but I know there’ll be a couple more before the end of this month and shitloads of 9’s and 8’s and normally that would take me all the way in to October to do so. I only handed out one 10/10 review (Dreams In The Witch House) last year. But apparently things aren’t slowing down one bit when it comes to high quality records. Why am I going on about this then? Well because when Chris Laney makes a come back with his new band Laney’s Legion’s self titled debut, it’s a damn good chance he has given us the Album Of The Year. In April! Laney’s Legion got started in the back water of Laney’s solo career, he released two great albums, Pure (2009) and Only Come Out At Night (2010).  It was on the tour with the latter album that the thoughts of making a full-time band of his backing band took place. The guys – Mats Vassfjord (Impera, Grand Design) on bass, Patrik Jansson (Hellsingland Underground, Patrik Jansson Band) on drums and John Berg (ex-Dynazty) on lead guitar – had become a real tight unit and Laney felt that this felt more like band than a solo career. Said and done, in 2011 the band started to write and record songs for their debut album with co-producer and co-song writer Anders Ringman at hand. But it was soon clear that John Berg’s heart wasn’t in it anymore and both parties decided to part ways as friends. Musical differences and the fact that Berg was much younger than the rest of the band were noted as the reasons for the split. Look out for a more metal influenced project from Berg in the future. This meant that the hiring of a new lead guitarist was in order. Enter: Rob Marcello.

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