Bigelf – Into the Maelstrom

Bigelf - Into The MaelstromWhen underrated bands that should have had lots more success than they have now is talked about, the first name I come to think of is Bigelf. I first got acquainted with this band by a friend at work who praised them every day until I asked him to burn me a copy of their debut album Money Machine (2000) (I don’t count Closer To Doom from 1996 as that one is only an e.p.) and he actually bought me a real copy because he thought Bigelf should get the money and that they were too great a band to only have on a burned CD. I was floored right away and since then I have been a fan. Money Machine has been my favourite Bigelf album, right up until now. The follow up Hex from 2003 is often seen as their magnum opus and lots and lots of their fans holds that album as their favourite. I love that album too, but in my book it is equal to its follow up Cheat The Gallows (2008). Why Bigelf hasn’t got the recognition they deserve is beyond me. Great musicians, great songs and a sound of their own should really justify world stardom, but not for this lot, it seems. Yet, anyway. They were also part of the Progressive Nation tour in 2009, with headliners Dream Theater and second act Opeth, both big fans of Bigelf. I never really got the progressive part because even though Bigelf might have some progressive influences, they are nowhere near Dream Theater and Opeth in that department.

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