Heart Of Stones – Heart Of Stones

Heart Of Stones_FrontTo review a completely new band is always hard. Especially if the band has no history or famous members and no prior music releases. Heart Of Stones are such a band. They started out in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden, has one demo to their name, Echoes Of PICD and has made somewhat a name for themselves in the live scene in Stockholm. But, it has to be mentioned that most of their gigs has been acoustic, sitting down in some small pub. Never the less, I have caught them on several occasions and they always make for a great hour or so, acoustic or electric. My first acquaintance, however, was at an electric gig. I went with some friends and as Heart Of Stones comes from grunge – and me and grunge has never been the best of friends – I was hesitant to say the least. But being the open-minded person that I am (hmm…), I decided to listen without any prejudge. Even though their stage act wasn’t that much to write home about, the music sure did the talking and even though the grunge influences shone through – guitarist and lead vocalist Markowicz borrows a whole lot from Eddie Vedder – there was something catchy, something that jumped outside the grunge box that really appealed to me. Of course, with only four guys and an acoustic guitar (even though electrified) based set, the music were raw and stripped. But it was the melodies that got to me. Some songs left me humming them for a while after the gig and some of those songs only went under working names at the time. So when the band – Markowicz (guitar, lead vocals), Vezzoli (guitar, backing vocals), Lateralus (bass, backing vocals) and Samadhi (drums) – decided to finally put their music on CD and sent me a copy to review, I was extremely curious of how their music would sound in a studio. Would they go with the stripped down sound of their live gigs or would they go electric and more heavy rock? The album was a long time coming for sure so they sure have had the time to add, remove or refine their sound.

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