Magnum – Escape From The Shadow Garden

MAGNUMBack in the 80’s, British band Magnum were one of my favourite bands. Even though I have heard about the band before, I never really had any interest in them until back in 1985 when a class mate, who were not into hard rock and metal at all, told me to listen to this great album he had in his Sony Walkman (yes, that’s a cassette for ya, kids). It took only one song for me to get totally floored. The song was called “How Far Jerusalem” and the album was called On A Storyteller’s Night. I didn’t listen to any more songs right then, but on my way home from school, I stopped by the local record store and bought said album and I have been a fan ever since. The follow up’s Vigilante (1986) and Wings Of Heaven (1988) put Magnum on the map as a major rock act. At least in Europe. USA was still cold to the band and they were literally unknown over there. Of course, we couldn’t have that, now could we? Both band, managers and record company started to draw a sketch of how to break them over there. Of course, again, everything went down the drain. To try to get a very European sounding band a more American sound with co-writers like Jim Vallance and a “hit” producer like Keith Olsen wasn’t exactly a stroke of genius. Not only did the album, Goodnight L.A. (1990), bomb big time in the States, the move also made them lose a lot of their European fans as well and since then things have never been the same.

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