Dynazty – Renatus

Dynazty-RenatusChange. That’s a word that can create mixed emotions when it comes to music. Most of us likes when our favourite artists changes a little bit here and there with every record. Unless you’re AC/DC or Motörhead, we really don’t want our fave bands to sound the same record after record. Whitesnake is good example. Slip Of The Tongue is more or less a carbon copy of 1987 and that album bombed. On the other hand, nobody wants their fave bands to turn 180 degrees and become a completely different act. If anyone knows about the Canadian band Sven Gali, then they’re a good example of just that. Their debut album sounded a lot like Skid Row with some Van Halen thrown in and their look was like many other melodic hard rock bands in 1992. Fast forward three years and the band found themselves in Seattle with new hair cuts and a completely new wardrobe and with a sound so different that you couldn’t hear anything in common with their debut. Even the singer’s voice was unrecognizable. Let’s just say that to change a bit every now and then is healthy thing if you want to develop and not stagnate. So, what is this guy babbling about, you might ask. Well, the word “change” is sort of the key word when Sweden’s Dynazty releases their fourth long player Renatus.

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