Skintrade – Refueled

Skintrade - RefueledBefore I write anything else, I have something to admit. Skintrade to me equals gloom, depression, boredom and an age when the rock music I loved was traded for everything I hated about rock music. Let me explain, when grunge walked in and took over, it ruined the music business for me and that the Americans jumped right into it was one thing, but the same thing happened here in Sweden, I was saddened. I saw two bands as the villains – Mental Hippie Blood and Skintrade. Mental Hippie Blood were once called Glorious Bankrobbers and played the kind of hard rock that Guns N Roses and Faster Pussycat played and when they changed singer and became a sign of the times, I saw them as a complete sell-out.
Skintrade on the other side were a new band and I didn’t know the musicians apart from one : Matti Alfonzetti. I knew Matti from his melodic rock band Bam Bam Boys who never released anything and from Jagged Edge, the band he started with English guitarist Myke Gray. When Jagged Edge split up, they got a new singer and became Skin. Matti also had a short stint with Talisman before Jeff Scott Soto decided to return. Now this big voiced, long-haired hard rocker both sounded and looked grunge.

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