Mike Oldfield – Man On The Rocks

Mike Oldfield - Man on the RocksYeah, well, Mike Oldfield might be an odd choice for a review on this site, you might think. And maybe so, because this site is hard rock oriented, everything from AOR to Black Metal. Also, Mike Oldfield is a hard bugger to categorise. In which category should I put this. AOR? Melodic Rock? Some probably will claim that Oldfield belongs in the pop category and maybe he does. Only that I don’t have a pop category here – and I don’t review enough pop to add one either. So I guess I’ll put him in Rock. I’m not wrong there because no matter how you look at it, Mike Oldfield does play some kind of rock. In my world, Mike Oldfield is a kind of odd geezer and he’s the kind of guy that pops up a little now and then, just like the man in the box, with a song here on an album there and you’ll never know what to expect. He released his debut album, Tubular Bells, back in 1973 and it was a tremendous success and has since then released no less than 24 albums, of which I hardly know any, to tell you the truth.

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