Vandenberg’s Moonkings

Vandenburg's Moonkings albumIf you have any knowledge of hard rock and metal from the 80’s, then Dutch guitar player Adrian Vandenberg (born Adrianus “Adje” van den Berg) won’t need any introduction, but for you who has been living under a rock since the mid eighties, here’s some info for you. Adrian Vandenberg’s first claim to fame was with his own band – all Dutch – that bore his surname. Sure, he had previously released an album with his first band Teaser, but that album can hardly count as claim to fame. Vandenberg (the band) scored a minor hit with the bluesy ballad “Burning Heart” from their self titled debut album back in 1982. The follow up, Heading For A Storm (1983), was an even better effort, full of melodic hard rock with great melodies and hooks and some brilliant guitar work from Adrian himself, but after the band’s best effort Alibi (1985) failed to gain them any big success, the band disbanded and the next time we saw Adrian’s face was when David Coverdale had recruited him as the guitar player next to Vivian Campbell (ex Dio, now Def Leppard) in his new Whitesnake constellation for the tour of his smash hit album 1987. In fact, it was Adrian who played the guitar solo on the re-recording of “Here I Go Again” on said album. Adrian also co-wrote Whitesnake’s next album, Slip Of The Tongue (1990), with David but an accident that damaged his hand prevented him from playing on said album and Coverdale’s new cuddler Steve Vai played on – and ruined – the whole album. Whitesnake actually recorded a version of Vandenberg’s “Burning Heart” as a demo for that album, but it was never released, probably much to the fact that Adrian couldn’t play on the album. But the album failed to match its predecessor and Whitesnake called it quits after the following tour.

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