House Of Lords – Precious Metal

House of Lords - Precious MetalIf you like AOR and / or melodic rock, then James Christian is a reliable guy. If you see his name on any record out there then you can rest assured that it is a quality product. The only times he has ever put out anything less than good was with his mediocre 2004 second solo album Meet The Man and the shitty House Of Lords reunion album The Power And The Myth, ironically also from 2004 – not the best year in Christian’s life musically. Those two albums aside, every album that bears his name stands for high quality, be it his solo stuff or with his band House Of Lords. Once upon a time, House Of Lords were keyboard wizard Gregg Giuffria’s band – in fact, House Of Lords were really just Gregg’s own band Giuffria with a new name and a new singer (the old one was the brilliant David Glen Eisley). After three fantastic melodic hard rock albums, House Of Lords called it a day back in 1993 after chart success was a no-show for any of the albums. Christian continued with a killer solo album, Rude Awakening in 1995, but it would take almost 10 years for a sign of life from Christian to show, when he released his second solo album and also giving the House Of Lords reunion a go featuring all the original members of the band – Lanny Cordola (guitar), Chuck Wright (bass) and Ken Mary (drums) – except Gregg Giuffria (ex- Angel) himself.

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