Pretty Wild – Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild - Pretty WildFor us Swedes who are into sleaze, glam and melodic hard rock, the name Pretty Wild has been showing up here and there on the scene for a few years now. Outside of Sweden – not so much. Anyway, Pretty Wild are a band that has been jumping on the trend of the resurrecting sleaze and melodic hard rock that Crashdïet more or less started back in the mid 2000’s. In their footprints, a lot of great bands have emerged – Crazy Lixx, Dynazty, Babylon Bombs, Sister Sin – all of them with different sounds, but the melodic term keeps them connected. On the other hand, when something blows up big, there’s always some really crappy bands without any form of identity bubbling in the wash of the big bang. I won’t name drop any of them, but what’s dragging this kind of music down are all the bandwagon jumpers – and there are lots and lots of them – with nothing more to show than big hair, tight spandex and some really cheesy and cliché lyrics, riffs and melodies. I have said it before – I don’t give a rat’s ass about originality as long as the songs are great – but an identity is a must, big difference there.

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