Red Dragon Cartel – Red Dragon Cartel

Red Dragon Cartel - Red Dragon CartelIf you were into metal and hard rock in the early 80’s, there’s a big chance that you were also a big Ozzy Osbourne fan. And if you were a Ozzy fan, there’s also a big chance that you were a big Jake E Lee fan as well. Back in 1983 / 1984, Jake E Lee was, together with John Sykes, who hade just joined Whitesnake after his former band Thin Lizzy had split up, the two hottest new guitar players around.

Jake E Lee was born Jake Williams and his career started down on Sunset Strip as the guitar player for Ratt (then Mickey Ratt), but he left them to join Rough Cutt, that also contained future Dio keyboard player Claude Schnell at the time. Ratt replaced him with Warren De Martini. Rough Cutt were at the time an exciting band, but when nothing happened with them they decided to go on a more commercial trip, so when Ronnie James Dio (whose wife Wendy managed Rough Cutt) took Jake with him to form Dio, he left Rough Cutt. Now, we all know that Jake and Dio never happened, Ronnie went with Vivian Campbell (later Whitesnake, now Def Leppard) instead, but when Ozzy needed a new guitarist, the choice fell on Jake.

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