Mustasch – Thank You for the Demon

Mustasch - Thank You For The DemonI first heard of Mustasch back in 2002 when they had smaller hits with songs like “I Hunt Alone” and “Down In Black” from their debut album Above All. It’s safe to say that they didn’t exactly rocked my world. To me, singer Ralf Gyllenhammar sounded like some kind of hybrid of Ian Astbury (The Cult) and Glenn Danzig. Nothing wrong with Astbury, but I can’t stand Danzig’s voice. Not that I disliked the music, but I couldn’t find anything that interested me in Mustasch at all –  and things didn’t approve with the follow ups Ratsafari (2003) and Powerhouse (2005), so when we wrote 2007 and the news came that Mustasch were about to release a new album, I really couldn’t care less. But then “Doubler Nature” hit me. Like a ton of bricks! That song sure did kick my butt – heavy, catchy, aggressive with a big, fat production signed Tobias Lindell (Hardcore Superstar, Europe, H.E.A.T.) and with strings added to the mix, that song became a big hit – it is today Mustasch’s most popular song. The album that followed that single, Latest Version Of The Truth, was a real killer. That album made me a fan. The “All killer, no filler” term fits perfectly on that album.

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