Avatarium – Avatarium

Avatarium - AvatariumLeif Edling. If you’re in the hard rock and heavy metal community and don’t have a clue of who that is, then you need to do your home work. But for you who havn’t done your metal home work, I can tell you that Edling isn’t just the guy who started doom metallers Candlemass, he IS Candlemass – he’s the song writer and pretty much runs the show in that camp. Now, even though Edling is a really nice guy, I must admit that Candlemass were never my thing. Yes, I love Black Sabbath, Edling’s biggest influence, but Candlemass were always too much doom for me. Besides, their singer Messiah Marcolin might have had a sharp image, looking like a monk, but his voice really annoyed me. Things got a little better when Thomas Vikström (Therion, Talk Of The Town) replaced him for the underrated Chapter VI (1992) album, but my favourite episode of Candlemass was with the Robert Lowe fronted band that released Death Magic Doom (2009) and Psalms For The Dead (2012). The line up that tours now, their final tour, has Mats Levén (Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen, Treat, Swedish Erotica) on vocals and in my opinion, they have never sounded as good as they do now. Such a shame that they call it quits when a new album with that line up is the only proper thing to do.

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