Malice In Wonderland – The Royal Brigade

Malice in Wonderland - The Royal Brigade“Catchy arena rock with a dark twist”! That is what Norwegian rockers Malice In Wonderland’s bio says on their home page. I have never heard of them before and that sentence sounded good enough to make me interested. When I was asked if I would like to review their album, this text was also part of making me interested in the band: “One of Norway’s premiere rock acts MALICE IN WONDERLAND burst onto the Scandinavian rock scene with their self titled debut album in 2005. Led by hit single “Lucifer’s Town” the band was quickly labelled as one of the most promising underground rock acts and their fan base grew quickly with fan clubs and supporters in every corner of the world. The quartet, renowned as a great energetic live act, have toured in Europe and Asia, supported major acts like Def Leppard, and appeared on several TV-shows and productions. They are now ready with a new record!”

Read the full review >>>

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