Ayreon – The Theory of Everything

Ayreon - The Theory of EverythingArjen Anthony Lucassen. That is the name of he who is Ayreon. For all who don’t have a clue who Ayreon are, the project can only be described as just that – a project. Ayreon is not a band. The whole point with Ayreon is that it is one big rock opera, which means it contains countless (almost) of musicians and singers and therefore Ayreon will never be a live act. Lucassen was first known as the guitar player and song writer in the Dutch hard rock band Vengeance (he also released two albums with the band Bodine in the early 80’s) in the mid eighties, but as they were nothing special, Lucassen quit after four albums in 1992 and the band split up. A Lucassen-less version of Vengeance are still making records and touring to not much avail. They were an uninteresting band then and even more so now. Lucassen started out his Ayreon project in 1995 with the debut album The Final Experiment and its 1996 follow up Actual Fantasy, but it wasn’t until 1998 and Into The Electric Castle that things were moving up a bit, but his big breakthrough must be the two single CD releases The Dream Sequencer and Flight Of The Migrator, both with the side title Universal Migrator (Part 1 & 2).

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