Boston – Life, Love and Hope

Boston - Life, Love and HopeBoston was first with two things – they invented AOR and they were the first band to use an American city as their band name. At least to my knowledge. Ok, so when I write “they”, I mean “him” – because Boston is more or less a one man affair and his name is Tom Scholz. Every other so-called member has always been a hired hand. The history of Boston began back in 1976 when Scholz, after years of musical miseries, finally got himself a record contract with Epic after every other label had rejected him and his music. Fact is, Scholz was about to give up when he got signed in the eleventh hour – he was then in his late twenties and was ready to cut his hair and get a job.

My guess is that Epic was pretty happy about that signing as Boston’s first single “More Than A Feeling” became a monster hit and the self titled debut has to date sold nothing less than 17 millions copies. Also, the album was more or less made by Scholz alone in his basement which made production costs for Epic close to nothing. Before the album was recorded, Scholz had hired the brilliant singer Brad Delp (1951 – 2007), a voice that didn’t exactly hurt record sales one bit. But as usual the record company wanted more music pretty quick which led to the fact that the follow-up Don’t Look Back (1978) didn’t even sell half of what the debut did.

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