The Black Spiders – This Savage Land

Black Spiders - This Savage LandThese guys have a song called “Kiss Tried To Kill Me”. With that they don’t mean an actual kiss, but the band Kiss. So, that alone should really have made me their biggest fan. However, how much I wanted to love that song, I just couldn’t. Not that I thought that the song was crap, but it wasn’t all that great either. Much for the fact that I’m not that a big fan of the clattering and rowdy garage rock that they play. So, when they released this, their second album, it passed me by unnoticed because I simply didn’t care.

Then one day, an issue of the English rock mag Classic Rock landed in my letter box and with that mag came a compilation CD called “The Best Of 2013” or something like that (I could be wrong about the title, mind you…) and that CD featured song by The Black Spiders called “Balls”.

Read the full review >>>


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