Place Vendome – Thunder in the Distance

Place Vendome - Thunder in the DistanceFrontiers is an Italian record company that signs everything with a 80’s melodic hard rock / AOR sound  and many are the reformed bands from that era that has been able to release records thanks to Frontiers as no other record company wanted to touch them. In later years when that sound has made a come back, Frontiers has had some big success with bands such as Journey and Whitesnake, which I think is really cool. Frontiers also start their own little musical projects, often hiring song writers and studio musicians and a big name to sing the lot.  Projects like that usually pass me by unnoticed, but sometimes they catch my eye for one reason or the other.  One of those projects is First Signal which had Harry Hess of Harem Scarem fame to sing on that project’s  self titled debut and only album to date. That album was released 2010 and it was a brilliant piece of work. Another one of those projects that got my attention is Place Vendome.

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