Impera – Pieces of Eden

Impera - Pieces of EdenIt was almost exactly one year to the day since Impera released their critically acclaimed debut album Legacy Of Life. In this day and age, it’s really rare that it only takes a band only one year in between albums, not like the 70’s when some bands could put out two albums within a year. Today it’s not unusual that it takes bands three or four years in between albums, in the 70’s three years would have been considered a come back. So when it takes a band only a year to release a new album, I usually become suspicious. I’m thinking that maybe the artist has rushed things, maybe neither the songwriting nor production will be up to match to its predecessor. I mean, when a band releases an album, there’s promotion to be done, then touring, then it’s time to write songs, demo them and then record them – all of that within one year. In all fairness, Impera hasn’t exactly gone out on a world-wide tour for months and months – it’s more like they have only played two shows since their debut was released, so all of a sudden, the 12 months in between the records doesn’t sound that much anymore.

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