Dregen – Dregen

Dregen albumI wonder how many people outside of Sweden really know who Dregen (born Andreas Tyrone Svensson) is?

I’m sure lots of people have heard of and about his band, glam-punk-sleaze-metal outfit Backyard Babies, but I’m a bit curious to how well-known the members of that band really are. In Sweden everybody and their mother knows who he is, but what about the rest of the world? I’m also not that sure about how big Backyard Babies are outside Sweden either, even though I know that they have released all their albums world-wide and done plenty touring in both Europe, Asia and USA. I have a feeling that despite their wild looks and bad behaviour, the Backyard Babies members are somewhat anonymous.

But all that will probably change for Dregen now as he replaced Ginger (The Wildhearts) as guitarist and songwriter in Michael Monroe’s band, a spot he will hold on too as long as Backyard Babies are on hiatus.

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