Black Star Riders ( + The Gloria Story / Reds’Cool) – Debaser Medis, Stockholm 2013-11-10

Black Star Riders 2013Thin Lizzy! Just to see that name in print puts a smile on my face. I love Thin Lizzy. No, I worship Thin Lizzy. Would it be accurate to state that I think that Thin Lizzy are the best band ever? Sure. But – I must admit that their three first albums, that had Eric Bell as their sole guitar player alongside Philip Lynott (bass, lead vocals) and Brian Downey (drums), never made any impression on me at all. No, Thin Lizzy for me began when guitarists Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson joined. Sure, that line up’s debut Nightlife had its moments, but for the most part it was pretty lame. By the way, Ron Nevison produced that one and what to do you know, the guy did lousy productions even back in 1974. But from Jailbreak (1976) up to their last album Thunder And Lightning (1983), the band only made albums that I consider more or less masterpieces. So, yes, Thin Lizzy are (were?) the best band in the world, but only if I can count Kiss (1974-1977) and Sweet (1974-1977) to that category as well. When Scott Gorham, together with guitarist John Sykes, who played on Lizzy’s last album and keyboardist Darren Wharton, decided to put Thin Lizzy back together again in 1996, voices were raised, calling the members all the bad names in the book, meaning it was sacrilege to play as Lizzy without Philip Lynott. Sykes was handling the lead vocals and he made a great job doing that. But it was never the case to reunite Lizzy for real, this was just to pay tribute to their fantastic music and play those brilliant tunes the best they could to people, like me, who missed Thin Lizzy badly. Also, I discovered Lizzy late, back in 1983, when they had already split up so I welcomed this version with open arms.

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