Satyricon – Satyricon

Satyricon - SatyriconI’m not sure why, but in recent years I seem to have gotten a soft spot for black metal. This is a genre that I have more or less hated since the first time I heard about it. When I was a kid, black metal was played by bands like Venom and Mercyful Fate and back then, we’re talking early 1980’s, this was the hardest and most mean and evil music you could ever imagine. Today when I listen to these bands, I only hear heavy metal – and I really like them both, especially Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. Black metal today is a totally different beast and the only real common thing that black metal of today has with the 80’s stuff is that they are all satanic.

Still, when I listen to the early 90’s stuff and the more hardcore and not so liberal bands, I have a hard time finding any melody or nuance at all. But the fact that I really like bands such as Watain and Dimmu Borgir (at least their more recent stuff) made me more and more interested in the Norwegian act Satyricon as they have now released a new, self titled album. I once saw half a gig with them at Sweden Rock, but back then, I wasn’t really ready to embrace the whole black metal scene. Here’s the deal – I want melodies, I want something catchy, I want something memorable – and the reason I dig Watain and Dimmu Borgir is that they both provide me with all of that.

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