Fates Warning – Darkness In A Different Light

Fates warning - Darkness in a Different LightThe name Fates Warning has popped up a little now and then in my life since the mid eighties. But for some reason they never caught my interest at all. But things changed a bit back in 1991 when the band had just released their album Parallels and Headbanger’s Ball showed their video for “Eye To Eye”. That’s when I realised I might had been missing out on something. Said and done, album bought and it was a great album, to my ears it sounded like a more progressive Queensrÿche or maybe a less progressive Dream Theater. It also made me buy its predecessor, Perfect Symmetry (1989), and even though I think it’s a good album, I found it a bit disappointing and I didn’t go back further in the band’s discography. What I did learn though, was that the band had released four albums prior to that and that the three first of those wasn’t with current vocalist Ray Alder, but some guy named John Arch. I still haven’t heard those albums, but there are some early fans that believe that Fates Warning died when Arch left the band.

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