Y&T – Debaser Medis, Stockholm, 2013-10-24

Dave Meniketti - Y&TSince the dawn of men, I have been a huge Y&T fan. Yes, well, since 1983 anyway, when a young me sat down in front of the telly to watch another episode of the 30 minute hard rock show that was telecasting at the time. And mind you, back in 1983, that was a big thing for a hardrocker in Sweden as Swedish television wasn’t that big on telecasting anything that wasn’t artsy fartsy. So there I sat, all fired up to see some new cool music videos from my favourite bands when all of a sudden “Mean Streak” with this bunch called Y&T showed up. Yes, I had heard the name before, but I thought it was too corny – I mean, who in their right mind would call their band Y&T? Talk about an eye opener. After that tune, my jaw was on the floor and I really didn’t know what the hell had hit me. The next day Mean Streak the album was mine and the week after I had purchased its predecessors, Black Tiger and Earthshaker and this boy was a major fan.

So, Y&T kept on releasing awesome records that I bought and digested, but as a live act, the were a no-show at Swedish soil. Y&T never made it big and they never came over to play, but to me and my friends, Y&T were always relevant and there wasn’t one party where a Y&T record didn’t appear. Then, in 1991 they split up. Then they reunited. Then they split up again. Dave Meniketti released a couple of solo albums and drummer Leonard Haze played with Ian Gillan.

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