The Answer – New Horizon

The Answer - New HorizonI don’t usually buy records completely unheard, the fact is I almost never do. Sure, I bought the latest Kiss albums unheard, but when it comes to “new” discoveries, well, I like to know what I’m gonna spend my money on, even if said band has released one killer album previously. However, there is one exception to that rule and they are called The Answer and they hail from Ireland. My first encounter with this band came when I watched a video of theirs on VH1 Friday Rocks, it was back in 2006 and their debut album Rise had just been released. The song, “Sometimes Your Love”, really floored me and I decided to check them out properly. The album was really good, retro 70′s hard rock with a melodic twist, but the album didn’t make me an instant fan. There were flaws here and there, but for the most, the album was damn good. It would take the band three years, until 2009 to release the follow up Everyday Demons and it was with that album that I realised what this band had in store. That album brought with all the raw 70′s raunchiness, but combined it with a more slick and catchy production.

To me, that album had everything that I love in rock ‘n’ roll. Heart, soul, honesty – it was raw but still melodic enough. I remember thinking, how on earth will they follow this up? Well, the answer (pun) was called Revival, it was released in 2011 and it actually topped its predecessor. That was when I released that I don’t have to listen to The Answer’s albums before buying them – I know that they won’t make me disappointed.

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