Dan Reed Network – Debaser Hornstull, Stockholm, 2013-10-10

Dan Reed NetworkTo say that I was psyched for this gig is probably the understatement of this decade. I have been a huge Dan Reed Network fan since me and my friends played their self titled debut to death back in 1988. The band made two more albums before they split up and the fact that they didn’t achieve world domination is so unfair it’s ridiculous. Only Sweden and England embraced the band but for some reason the rest of the world remained cold and I still can’t grasp that. Ever since they put the band to rest back in 1994 I have longed for this reunion to happen. To make matters worse, I never got to see the band live as a headliner when they were still around. I did see them live twice, as openers for Bon Jovi in 1989 and for Rolling Stones in 1990, but that’s a whole different deal as they don’t get to use their own sound system, light show or play for as a long as they want. Still, I remember those special guest gigs as very good.

Now, Dan Reed has a solo career going, of course, and his two solo albums Coming Up For Air (2010) and Signal Fire earlier this year, are both great, and he has also just released an acoustic album with versions of older tracks together with some unreleased stuff. Yes, I really, really dig Dan Reed solo, but Dan Reed Network is a whole different beast. Where his solo stuff is laid back and very poppy, the Network rocks with a big funk groove and if I have to choose, I’d prefer the Network thing.

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