Reckless Love – Spirit

Reckless Love - SpiritTo be honest, I’m not sure why I keep following this band, when it’s pretty clear that I’m not exactly their biggest fan. Maybe I’m just fond this kind of music and really want this band and their desire to succeed. They were first brought to my attention when they released their self titled debut back in 2010 as I knew that singer Olli Herman was once the singer in Swedish glam metal band Crashdïet, then known as Olliver Twisted and he sang on their second album The Unattractive Revolution (2007) and did one tour with them before he left to continue with this lot back in his native Finland. Huge mistake if you ask me. Their debut album wasn’t anything more than a pop record disguised as a hard rock glam record. The songs were so light weight and lame that even second-rate Poison stuff like Pretty Boy Floyd or Tigertailz sounded heavy in comparison.

But since the guys – and especially Herman has been very hardcore in his way of describing his love for the melodic hard rock, glam and sleaze, I’m thinking something good must come out of his band sooner or later. So I gave them a second chance with their follow up, Animal Attraction from 2011.

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