Soil – Whole

Soil - WholeI remember when I heard about Soil for the first time. It was back in 2001 and a friend of mine had gotten some free CDs which he gave to me. One of them was Soil’s second album Scars (the others were Stabbing Westward Darkest Days and Korn Issues). I really didn’t expect anything, but I was a bit hesitant about it because by then I wasn’t really a big fan of the more brutal metal that was doing big business then.

But when I listened to the album all my doubts were blown away on the spot. It’s a killer album and they actually got themselves a mini hit with the brilliant single “Halo”. With the band’s two first E.P.’s Soil and El Chucpacabra and their debut album Throttle Junkies (1999) failing to create any stir at all, Scars really put the band on the metal map and many thought that Soil would be the next big thing in the metal world. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and after just one more album, the very underrated Redefine (2004) singer Ryan McCombs jumped the ship and was replaced by A.J. Cavalier from metal band Diesel Machine.

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