James LaBrie – Impermanent Resonance

James Lebrie - Impermanent ResonanceHands up all of you who have been longing your guts out for a solo album by Dream Theater’s singer. I don’t wanna sound mean here, but the fact is, I have always thought that LaBrie is the weakest link in the Dream Theater line-up and his name doesn’t show that often in the songwriting credits. Not that James is a bad singer, no, quite the opposite, but the fact is, despite his wide range, when he reaches the higher notes, he has a tendency too sound a bit annoying, but his lower register is magnificent. Still, a solo album from LaBrie isn’t exactly what I have been waiting for!

I know this isn’t the Labrie’s first solo effort. Back in 1999, he released his first solo work, Keep It To Yourself under the MullMuzzler moniker and in and then MullMuzzler 2 in 2001. There have also been two solo albums released under his own name, Elements Of Persuasion in 2005 and Static Impulse in 2010. How those albums sound, I haven’t got the slightest idea, because frankly, I haven’t heard them. Now, for a music nerd like yours truly, that is kind of embarrassing, especially when I think about the fact that I am a huge Dream Theater fan who discovered that band with their first album When Dream And Day Unite (1989), when nobody knew who they were. Normally, I would have thrown myself all over those records, but something in me hasn’t been interested at all. So why, this one then? Well, I really don’t know, but for some reason I got the idea that I really wanted to give this one a chance.

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