Shotgun + Sister Sin, Klubben, Stockholm 2013-09-21

Shotgun band logoWhenever there’s a anniversary for a classic album there are usually two ways to go. If the band is still around, then play said album in its entirety and if not there’s always some kind of reunion to go with it. When Shotgun Messiah’s now, more or less legendary self titled debut turns 25, a reunion of the classic line-up, featuring lead singer Zinny Zan, guitarist Harry K Cody, bassist Tim Skold and drummer Stixx would be the most obvious choice to celebrate the album’s birthday. Knowing that the band’s split wasn’t exactly on good terms, things would turn out to be more complicated than just a phone call and a “let’s do it, guys”. The fact is that Cody wasn’t the least interested and Skold said he would consider doing it, if the price was right. He also stated that no arranger would probably pay up because apparently Skold knows what he’s worth and that his price tag would be too big for anyone to pay. What a douche! It’s not like the guy is Mick Jagger. Reality check and blinders off for Mr Skold, please.

So what to do, then? Enter huge Shotgun Messiah-fan and friend and former band mate with Zinny Zan, Chris Laney. Laney managed to talk both Zan and original drummer Stixx to participate and as a guitar replacement for Cody, he brought in his Laney’s Legion band mate, virtuoso Rob Marcello (also with Danger Danger), leaving Laney himself to, for the first time ever, handle bass duties. Of course, calling themselves Shotgun Messiah would have been just wrong, so the name was shortened to Shotgun. 50% of the original members makes for 50% of the name.

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