Watain – The Wild Hunt

Watain - The Wild HuntMaybe it’s not accurate to put this lot in the Metal category. Sure, they are Metal, but the word Metal feels a bit lightweight for Sweden’s most evil bunch. Maybe I should make an Extreme Metal category to put this review in. Problem is, that category wouldn’t exactly become crowded anytime soon! So it feels like a bit of an overkill. I mean, these guys are Black Metal and Black Metal isn’t exactly my first choice of music. Yes, I also dig Dimmu Borgir, but that’s about it. So why even bother to review a Black Metal band if I’m not into it, you might ask. Well, see, as I have grown older (yes, older – not old!) the more my musical blinders have come off. When I was a youngster, music was much more about liking this and hating that and I have always been a melodic rock fan. In my twenties, the hardest stuff I listened to was Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Even Metallica was too hard. Slayer? I thought they sounded more like a lawnmower running riot than a rock band. But things change and for the last 15 years or so I have been listening to music with an open mind and heart and therefore my musical taste has become way broader, both ways. So now I appreciate stuff like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole as well as Slayer and Dimmu Borgir. (I actually managed to mention both Sinatra and Cole in a Black Metal review – how about that?). Still, Black Metal and Death Metal are two genres I have a really hard time getting into and most of the acts just don’t have an effect on me – it’s just noise to my ears.

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