Michael Monroe – Horns And Halos

Michael Monroe - Horns and HalosWhen Hanoi Rocks broke up for the second time back in 2009, they were making pretty good business and the band had released three albums after their reunion in 2002, so the break up came as a surprise to many of us. The albums had become better and better after each release and both times I saw them live, they seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously. But the split was a fact and guitarist and bassist Conny Bloom and Andy Christell went on to reform Electric Boys, co-founder and guitarist Andy McCoy went his way and started writing his own album (but he later turned up in a band called Grease Helmet) and lead singer Michael Monroe, born Matti Fagerholm, quickly put together his own band. Ginger from The Wildhearts and ex New York Dolls man Steve Conte handled guitar duties, his old pal from Hanoi Rocks, but also with the Dolls, Sami Yaffa took care of the bass and Karl Rockfist bangs them drums.

The band got a spot at Sweden Rock Festival in 2010 without even a new album to promote, so things worked fast for Monroe and the boys. So fast that there was no time for a band name to be chosen, so they settled on Michael Monroe. Together they wrote the band’s debut album, Sensory Overdrive which was released in 2011 and became a big success and actually got the “Album Of The Year” award from Classic Rock Magazine. However, everything wasn’t happily ever after within the band.

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