Tarja – Colours In The Dark

Tarja - Colours in the DarkIs it third time’s the charm for Finnish soprano diva and ex Nightwisher Tarja Turunen? Tarja’s career hasn’t exactly been a huge hit since her break up from Nightwish back in 2005. Her two previous albums My Winter Storm (2007) and What Lies Beneath (2010) didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Boring songs and boring performances combined with Tarja’s high soprano voice and her broken English made for a not a very pleasant experience. When Norweigan big voice Jorn Lande made his own version of Tarja’s (no, she didn’t write it!) first single “I Walk Alone” he also showed everybody how it’s supposed to be done. His version makes Tarja’s sound pale and the two versions don’t even play in the same division. I’m also hearing that her records haven’t sold that well, which must hurt a bit when Nightwish have had their biggest sales ever with their two non-Tarja albums, fronted by Swedish vocalist Anette Olzon (who is also gone now). So for once, a reunion seems unlikely at this point.

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