Robin Beck – Underneath

Robin Beck - UnderneathRobin Beck is responsible for one of the finest AOR albums of all time with what many thought was her debut, Trouble Or Nothin’ (1989), but she had actually recorded an album ten years prior to that, Sweet Talk (1979). But it was with Trouble Or Nothin’ Beck became a well-known name, much because of her smash hit single, the Coca Cola commercial ballad “First Time”. A big hit yes, but far, far away from being a top song on that album. I think it’s the dullest song on the album. A re-recorded version of said album was released in 2009 with four new songs on it, a version that is almost just as good as the original. That doesn’t happen very often. But after that killer lesson in AOR and melodic rock, Beck went on a more “mature” and “grown up” line musically with the next three albums (Human Instinct, Can’t Get Off and Wonderland) and abandoned rock music for those years.

Those albums weren’t bad, but they sounded both confused and somewhat dull. It wasn’t until 2005 and her bit wise uneven “comeback”  album Do You Miss Me that she was back o track musically. If it had anything to do with her marriage to House Of Lords lead singer James Christian, we can only speculate. Since then, Beck has bettered herself with every album and with this one, she’s into album # 10. And with this one she has her best release since Trouble Or Nothin’.

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