FM – Rockville II

FM Rockville IIAre FM trying to pull a Guns N Roses on us? I am, of course, talking about when they released Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 on the same day. Back then, in 1991, we still had vinyl records so they actually released two double albums on the same day. How’s that for an overkill? Those records were very uneven and it felt like they just wanted to get every song they ever wrote out. The case with FM is somewhat different, though. Their Rockville records were released with a couple of weeks apart (yes, I know they were both released in March but to my defense, I just didn’t know that they had recorded a sequel. That’s why this review is a bit late…), but still you get the feeling that when you release a sequel this close, it will contain leftovers – the stuff that wasn’t good enough for the first record and those albums are almost never equally as good as the first one. But it turned out that wasn’t the case with this album at all. In fact, it seems like FM had written so many good songs that it would be stupid not to release them!

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