Väsby Rock 2013

Vasby Rock Festival 2013In a time when festivals are popping up like weeds on your newly mowed lawn, at least in Sweden, one might wonder if we’re actually crying out for yet another one. Also, many festivals come around, stay for a couple of years or so and then disappear! The whole thing is pretty simple, you can only afford to go to so many festivals a year and as many of them take place on weekdays, you also need the time off work and many people, especially those who have families, might not want to spend their whole vacation at festivals. Still, the fact that Upplands Väsby, a suburb of Stockholm and by many hailed as the hard rock capital of Sweden, should have its own festival doesn’t really come as a shock. It’s more strange that it took so long for a festival to pop up there, I think.

The reason Upplands Väsby has a good reputation when it comes to hard rock music is of course because Sweden’s biggest hard rock band ever, Europe, call it their home town. Also bands like H.E.A.T. and musicians like Opeth (and ex Talisman, ex Arch Enemy) guitarist Fredrik Åkesson are Väsby natives. But it’s not only the bands. Väsby has always bred lots and lots of rock fans, so the fact that some rock enthusiasts would try to create Väsby’s own festival isn’t far-fetched at all.

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