Quireboys – Beautiful Curse

The Quireboys - Beautiful CurseI think it must have been sometime around 1989. It was late Sunday night and I was, as usual, watching Headbanger’s Ball. Or maybe it was called Metal Hammer then, with the Bailey Brothers and not Vaness Warwick. And if so, it might have been a Thursday. Anyway, The Quireboys had just released their debut video for the first version of “There She Goes Again” and Ginger was still one of the guitar players in the band. Ginger would leave soon after that and form his own band The Wildhearts. When the song was over I was speechless. I was floored!  And I was certain of that when their debut album arrived, they would become the biggest band on earth. Kind of. Then it took awhile for them to complete their album, but when A Bit Of What You Fancy, with its lead singles “7 O’Clock” and “Hey You” came out in 1990, I KNEW that this band would be huge. And I was right. At least partly. The album was a big success and the all the singles became big hits, especially their ballad “I Don’t Love You Anymore”. The tour that followed was also a big smash and at that point the Quireboys could do no wrong. The writing for the follow up began and the boys relocated to Los Angeles to work with hot-shot producer Bob Rock. But Rock was a busy guy and the guys had to wait around for him to find the time in his schedule to record with them and when the album, Bittersweet And Twisted, was finally released we wrote 1993 and grunge had taken over. Even though it was a good album, it didn’t stand a chance compared to the debut.

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