Kee Marcello – Judas Kiss

Kee Marcello - Judas KissThe first time that I heard Kee Marcello play was back in 1984 when Swedish television decided to show his then band Easy Action’s live documentary “Hot Summer Night”. How that came about I’m clueless of as Swedish media wasn’t really into showing any hard rock, or rock at all. Until then I had only seen pictures of them in the leading (and only) music magazine that my country would provide and to be honest, their glam look didn’t stick with me at all. Easy Action was ahead of their time and that kind of look was more or less unseen by then. Mötley Crüe hadn’t really made it big over here yet. But what I heard made me a fan immediately. I loved the songs as they stole a lot from Sweet, Bowie and Alice Cooper and in Kee Marcello they had their own guitar hero and guitar heroes wasn’t something we Swedes were spoiled with at that time.

Since that day, Marcello has been one of my all time favourite guitar players. Easy Action made one self titled album before they parted with singer Zinny Zan, who went on to join Shotgun Messiah. Instead big voiced singer Tommy Nilsson came in and by the time they released their second album, the Journey / Toto smelling That Makes One, Marcello had left his own band to join Europe for their The Final Countdown world tour as original guitarist John Norum had left / got the boot.

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