Masterplan – Time to Be king

Masterplan - Time To Be KingMasterplan started out as a project by former Helloween members, guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch and Norwegian big voice Jorn Lande. The guys released two very good albums, their self titled debut in 2003 and Aeronautics (2005), that contained the cool contrast of Grapow / Kusch’s Power Metal roots and Lande’s Dio and Coverdale influenced voice. Never a power metal fan, it took me a while to give Masterplan a break. I always did dig Helloween, but the fact that when Grapow joined that band was when they started to slip which made me uninterested in giving the band a go. But when I did, I had to surrender because those first albums were great. By the third album, both Lande and Kusch were gone, replaced by drummer Mike Terranna and vocalist Mike DiMeo, formerly of Riot.

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