Tarja – What Lies Beneath

Tarja - What Lies BeneathWhen Tarja Turunen left / got fired from Nightwish, many thought that we had seen the end of Nightwish because even though she never wrote any songs for the band, she pretty much was Nightwish with her soprano voice and her charismatic stage presence. Also, we all thought that Tarja’s solo career would kick Nightwish-butt all the way. But things actually went the other way around. When Nightwish released their most successful record of their career, the Anette Olzon fronted Dark Passion Play (2007), Tarja’s debut My Winter Storm (2007) proved not be that much to hang in your Christmas tree and it was a failure both musically and sales wise. It was pretty clear that Nightwish’s main composer Thoumas Holopainen was more important than Tarja as a frontwoman.

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One comment on “Tarja – What Lies Beneath

  1. When I saw Nightwash at Download Festival one year, I wasn’t impressed with them. They were incredibly late, never apologized and only played four songs with a bad mix of their through the PA board. And then left.

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