Disturbed – Asylum

Disturbed-AsylumDisturbed is one of those bands who made it big in the early 2000 along with a whole bunch of other nu-metal acts. But I never saw them as nu-metal per se, I feel more comfortable calling them modern metal or something like that. Their sound is far away from the oh so dull metal / rap thing that goes along with all the Limp Bizkits and Linkin Parks of this world. And Disturbed are so much better than that. Their brand of Metal is aggressive, hard and dark, but at the same time groovy and melodic with lots of catchy hooks. They have also managed to find a sound of their own, which is not the easiest thing nowadays. Now, their two first albums The Sickness (2000) and Believe (2002) spawned some really cool tracks, but for me it was with their 2005 killer Ten Thousand Fists that really got me hooked on the band and its follow up Indestructible from 2008 was even better and those albums really made Disturbed a huge band all over the world, not only in America. So to follow up albums like those creates some big pressure to deliver the goods. So did they do it this time as well?

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