Blackmore’s Night – Autumn Sky

Autumn SkyOk, here’s another album from former Deep Purple / Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night. Anybody but me who is getting really tired of Blackmore’s renaissance mumbo jumbo? Well, ok, I actually really liked their two first albums and I’m not gonna say that the rest of the CDs – can’t remember how many they are by now – are bad but if you have heard one of them, you have heard them all. Pretty much. The music, for you who have never heard it, is kind of renaissance music that was played in the middle ages and Blackmore and his chick dresses up like Robin Hood, looking all goofy. In the beginning of their career the music felt new and interesting and frankly, quite fun, but after a bunch of albums which all sounds the same, it is getting old. And their albums always contains too many songs, never less than 14, but often more. Ok, so Blackmore has dug up his old Fender Stratocasteer again and there are always some interesting re-recordings (covers?) of his old Rainbow and Deep Purple tunes on every album of late – which kind of makes you wonder if Blackmore actually misses those good old days when he got to rock.

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