Accept – Blood of the Nations

Accept_Blood_of_the_Nations150Once upon a time (1988), German Metal band Accept fired their singer Udo Dirkschneider to become a melodic hard rock band that wanted a shot at the American market. They hired American singer David Reece and tried a glammier look. That failed miserably and the album, Eat The Heat (1989), was a disaster, but nothing compared to the tour that followed which didn’t last for more than a couple of weeks before the band fell apart, fist fights and all included. Later, in 1992 the band reunited with Udo and released Objection Overruled (1993), a classic sounding Accept album that was very well-received by the fans, but after only two more albums, the unfocused Death Row (1994) and the underrated Predator (1996), the band fell apart once more, only to reunite once more in 2005, this time only for touring. So when we were told that Accept would have another go at it once more, again without Udo, it wasn’t hard to feel very suspicious. But this time Accept aren’t aiming at any market but the Metal one – and they haven’t recruited a big haired, good-looking pop metal guy. Their new guy, Mark Tornillo (formerly of TT Quick) will never be a male super model, but what he can do is sing metal the way it should be sung. The guy sounds like mix between Udo and Brian Johnson, but with a wider range and he fits perfectly.


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